Fresh - Cool FIzz 5% Urea - Cooling Effect


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Foaming repair balm with 4 fold formula that guards against athlete’s feet, reduces foot perspiration, eliminates foot odor and provides a pleasant refreshed and cool feeling. Leaves skin soft, protected and hydrated.
Complex consisting of chamomile oil, bisabolol, glycerine, panthenol and grape-seed oil, to protect stressed foot skin.
Use:  Shake before use and hold the foam cap upside down while applying. Massage an about cherry-size amount evenly and gently into the cleaned skin daily.
Retail Size: 150 ml (SKU: 8059)


  •  protects against athlete’s feet
  •  eliminates foot odor, refreshes
  •  cooling effect to reduces foot perspiration
  •  non-greasy, quickly absorbed
  •  with 5% urea and shea butter

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